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Does paint protection film (PPF) damage new car paint?

Paint protection film (PPF) is the best option for preserving the perfect quality of your car’s paint because of its high resistance to impact. PPF is the only coating that can protect your vehicle’s finish against the chemical and physical erosion caused by things like road debris, bird droppings, and scratches. In this piece, we at Advanced Detailing Sofla will provide you with a high-level understanding of paint protection film (PPF). Whether or not it could harm your brand-new car’s paint job is a topic we cover in this post.

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What does paint protection film mean?

Paint Protection Film protects your car against various potential hazards, including corrosion, rock chips, road debris, pebble abrasions, and road salt. When applied, it results in a transparent layer and, for all goals and purposes, invisible. The paint protection film is a barrier between the outside of your vehicle and the environment, keeping any debris or pollutants from harming the car that may come into contact with it.

Does Paint Protection Film damage car paint?

The paint protection film you put on your car won’t damage or harm the paint when you put it on. Paint protection film must be put into a vehicle by a knowledgeable professional who has received extensive training and knows how to use and remove PPF without causing damage to the vehicle’s paint. This ensures you will have the protection over the longer time you have been looking for.

The several benefits that may be gained by having a PPF system installed on a brand-new vehicle

Getting paint protection film will offer you several advantages and is recommended to ensure that the paintwork on your brand-new vehicle and the other components remains in outstanding condition for as long as feasible.

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Protects against fading

In addition to rain and snow, prolonged exposure to sunshine may cause fading, making your painting work dull and uninteresting. Additionally, if the car is exposed to various amounts of sun during the day, you may have varying degrees of color and need to repaint it. PPF protects against fading by shielding the treated surface from the sun’s UV radiation, which would otherwise cause discoloration.

Self-healing properties

Self-healing qualities are included in paint protection films. Vehicle paint is shielded from the elements, and surface damage is repaired by the film’s numerous layers working together. Protection against destruction is provided by a urethane covering resistant to scratches. When exposed to heat, the protective coating’s energy level resets to its lowest possible setting, allowing the superficial damage to disappear. If you wash the car with warm water, let it sit in the sun.

Prevents chemical reaction

To remove ice and snow from the roadways, sand and salt are spread over the surface. The chemicals, however, have a corrosive effect on your vehicle’s paint and other components. They eventually create it possible for rust to grow up. PPF contributes to the vehicle’s resistance to the aforementioned chemical substances and helps safeguard it. In addition, it protects the structure against deterioration brought on by acidic precipitation or bird droppings. As a result, the vehicle maintains its pristine appearance for a longer period.

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The best paint protection film at Advanced Detailing Sofla

We recommend that you get in touch with Advanced Detailing Sofla in the Pompano Beach, Florida, region if you are ready to have paint protection film (PPF) placed on your car. We will safeguard your vehicle using car protection film of the finest quality available on the market. You may reach us by phone at (954) 6321582 and can stop by our location at 720 SW 12th Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069. Make sure to schedule your appointment right away!