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What Is A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a process performed by hand on your vehicle’s paint. A ceramic coating will last for many years, in contrast to regular wax, which can rapidly disintegrate, depending on the brand used and the package selected for installation. Your car will retain its gleaming new look with a ceramic coating package.

Why should you choose ceramic coating at Advanced Detailing Sofla?

If you ceramic coat your vehicle, it will have substantial additional benefits, particularly aesthetic ones. The following listing of some of the advantages that come along with this method:

Adds an additional layer of protection

It is a good idea to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle since doing so is an excellent method to protect it from the weather, road debris, and other possible causes of damage. For instance, the outside may discolour and disintegrate if your car is left in the sun for an extended period. Because it shields the paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, a ceramic coating will make the paint on your car live longer and look better.

Repels dirt and mud

Thanks to the hydrophobic qualities of the ceramic coating, the car’s surface will remain dry. This coating is not only resistant to water but also dirt and filth. After having a ceramic coating applied  driving on dirt and gravel roads is no longer an issue.

Extends the life of your vehicle

Paint protection films contain properties that allow them to cure themselves. The film’s several layers work together to provide comprehensive protection for the vehicle’s paint job and to repair damage at the surface level. A urethane coating that is resistant to scratches offers protection against destruction. When exposed to high temperatures, the protective paint that can cure itself reverts to its lowest possible energy level. Scratches and dents on the vehicle’s surface may be remedied by washing it with hot water or placing it in the sun for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you protect the paint on your automobile with a ceramic coating and maintain it in excellent condition, it will continue to look great for many years. Consider purchasing a ceramic coating for your vehicle if you want the paint to endure for a more extended time while still looking like new. The price of a ceramic coating will change based on the size of the vehicle, the kind of ceramic that is used, and the package that is ordered.

To get rid of any impurities that have built up over the year, like road tar, iron, tree sap, and industrial waste, you must thoroughly clean the automobile once a year. After that, a sealant that contains SIO2 will be used to reactivate the ceramic coating and boost its hydrophobic qualities.

Wax provides a much lower degrees of protection than ceramic coating, which can only work against the coating’s properties. Therefore, we do not advise waxing over ceramic coating because doing so will eliminate the ceramic coating’s key benefits.

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